Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AL East Team Awards

Durham Doormats
Team MVP- 2B Fred Inge
This was a really tough decision. This team had a great offense this season and Inge barely stood out amongst a great lineup. He did lead the AL in average(.365), was 3rd in OBP(.431), 7th in SLG(.571), 3rd in doubles(43), led in hits(226), and 3rd in runs(127). He ended up 3rd in league MVP voting, but a case could be made for him as the top hitter in the league.

Team Cy Young- Victor Maranon
Maranon was a tough pick as well. This team had some good pitching to go with the offense, which is why they ended up in the World Series. Maranon, tied for the league lead in wins with 22, he pitched in 232.1 innings and also led the league in strike outs with 221. His OAV was .256, OBP a .308, and ERA a 3.29. Maranon finished runner up in the AL Cy Young award voting this season.

Boston Pilgrims
Team MVP- LF Mateo Nunez
Nunez finished second in the AL MVP voting, so he almost had to be my pick here. He did lead the league in runs scored with 150, and doubles with 52. He was second in steals with 70, fourth in hits with 210, fifth in triples with 8. He also added 31 homers and 97 RBI to those numbers while batting a .310 with a .382 OBP.

Team Cy Young- Diego Valbuena
The AL Cy Young award winner, Valbuena, was worth every penny of his max deal he signed before the season. He tied for the league lead in wins with 22, led in IP with 265, was second in OAV with .218, second in OBP with .281 and second in ERA with 2.75. He had a great season and was well deserving of the league award and the team award.

Rochester Retards
Team MVP- 1B Russell Powell
This award was close, but ultimately Powell's season was too hard to overlook for this award. He hit a .330, with a .407 OBP and .567 SLG. He hit 40 doubles and 37 homers. Match that with his 129 RBI and 115 runs. It's no wonder he was in the running for AL MVP this season.

Team Cy Young- Ryan Maloney
Pitching wasn't very good for Rochester this season, but they did find a bright spot with Maloney. He pitched in 49 games, was 7-4 with 23 saves in 25 tries. Opponents hit just .241 against him with a .302 OBP. His ERA of 2.05 was the best on the team. Maloney was as good as they get coming out of the pen for this team.

Pittsburgh Psychics
Team MVP- C Coco Stratton
Not only can Stratton hit, but he can catch pretty good as well. He threw out 43 would be base stealers and allowed 90 this season to go with his catcher ERA of 3.51. He also led the team in homers with 32, RBI with 96, Runs with 78 and batting average with .297. That's a pretty good season both offensively and defensively.

Team Cy Young- Rudy Jameson
Jameson pitched in 61 games this season while throwing 76.2 innings. He went 7-10 with 29 saves in 35 tries. Opponents hit just .223 against him with a .286 OBP and he had an ERA of  4.34. He was the one pitcher on this team that had a pretty solid season.

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