Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NL West Team Awards

Seattle Striker
MVP- 2B Benny Navarro
Navarro put up some outstanding numbers this season. He only hit a .265, but that doesn't show his real value. He had a .380 OBP, that was aided by hi league leading 108 walks. He showed some power with 38 doubles and 27 homers and some great speed with an NL leading 57 steals. He also drove in 83 runs from the leadoff spot and scored 150 runs. A case could be made for him as the league MVP, but he can settle for Team MVP.

Cy Young- Alex Guerrero
While he's not this teams ace and isn't even considered their number 2 pitcher, he did have an outstanding season. He led the NL in wins with 20, was sencond in OAV with a .197, led in opponent SLG with .302, and fourth in ERA with 2.57. He also struck out 153 in 192.1 innings. Guerrero proved he had something left in the tank this season by putting up the best single season numbers of his career.

Colorado Springs Night Watchmen
MVP- RF Pedro Reyes
Reyes was the catalyst of this offense. He hit .287 and had a .356 OBP to go with a .497 SLG. He hit 29 homers and drove in an outstanding 118 runs while scoring 83 of them. He also doesn't strike out very much with only 60 K's in 574 at bats. Reyes has actually had better seasons, and will likely still have many seasons better than this, but this team will rise and fall based on his production.

Cy Young- Albert Blasco
Blasco is a rising star closer in this league. He's young and should be around for quite a while in this role. He saved 35 games this season in 41 tries. He pitched in 55 games and struck out 55 batters. Opponents hit just a .224 against him with a .296 OBP and .317 Slg. His ERA of 2.96 was a career best for him as well. Blasco finished fifth in the Fireman of the year race, but he should continue to climb those ranks in the future.

Albuquerque Komodo Dragons
MVP- Jorge Renteria
This was a tough decision here because they had a couple guys that could have taken this. The nod goes to Renteria for a few reasons though. One is because he plays a tough position in catcher. This season he threw out 32 of 105 steal attempts. On the offensive side of things he hit a .335, which was a career high. He also had a .384 OBP, and .611 Slg. He hit 29 homers, drove in a career best 103 runs and scored 66. Renteria is 34 years old now, but this season he showed no signs of slowing down.

Cy Young- Harry Guerrero
Guerrero didn't put up numbers that would be typical for this award as he went 9-11 record wise. He did however anchor this rotation. He pitched 223 innings and allowed only a .239 OAV with an opponent OBP of .306. He also had a 3.91 ERA. Those are pretty good numbers and should have been good enough to net him a better record than that. With all the innings he pitched he allowed the bullpen some relief though and that meant a lot for this team.

Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs
MVP- CF Carlos Zorrilla
Zorilla isn't the prototypical centerfielder defensively, but he more than makes up for that offensively. This season he hit a .310 and had a .421 OBP(2nd in the NL), with a .532 Slg. He hit 36 doubles, 7 triples and 25 homers. He drove in 92 runs while scoring 93 of them. He added some speed with 17 steals as well. He was 3rd in the NL in walks with 103 while only striking out 96 times. Zorilla is a force offensively and with some more help around him in the lineup his numbers could be even better.

Cy Young- Rick Owens
This was a no brainer. Owens went 9-10, but pitched 210 innings which was 45 innings more than the second best on the team. He also stuck out 161 batters and walked only 47. He had a .231 OAV, with an opponent OBP of .278. His 2.87 ERA was 8th in the NL and his 1.10 WHIP was 7th. Owens has the talent to be a really good pitcher and should only continue to get better.

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