Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AL North Team Awards

Dover Dinkleburgs
MVP-DH Armando Mota
Mota is in a league of his own.  I'm trying to find something negative about him, but the only thing I can come up with is that he can't run the bases worth a lick.  But who needs to when you hit 50 home runs.   This guy has 144 RBI's and 123 runs scored. Not to mention that he's hitting .351 and gets on base .442 of the time. He's also only struck out 41 times in over 600 AB's.  League MVP candidate for sure.

Cy Young-Valerio Duran
This is a tough one to call because Duran has 12 losses.  But he's got 18 wins.  He is pitching way over his head, and sometimes that's what you need to get you over the hump.  He's got a 3.31 ERA and has been a workhorse logging 231 Innings in 33 starts.

Scranton Associates
MVP-3B Tino House
While you could go through this lineup and make a good case for 5 players on his roster, I'm going to go with Tino.  He hit 21 homeruns, 95 rbi's and also hit .317 and maintained a .373 obp.  But the real reason I chose him over the other 4 guys is because he has the best Range factor for any 3B in the AL with a 3.61

Cy Young-Cyrus Torres
Although he isn't getting league Cy Young consideration, he should be.  Cyrus has a 20-8 record with 5 complete games in 34 starts.  His ERA is a respectable 3.69.

Syracuse Sodbusters
MVP-1B/LF Red Smith
Smith his a solid .293 this season with an ops of .779.  He also had a 13 game hitting streak.  Although they might not be the best numbers he has put up, at age 36 he can still swing the pine.

Cy Young--Alcides Terrero
He may not have been the closer for the entire season, but he was definitely a stopper all season long.  In 58 games Terrero was 13 of 13 in the saves department,  and had an ERA of 1.93 on the season.   He held opponents to a .225 batting average and struck out 44 in 56 innings.

New York Damage Controllers
MVP-RF Storm Mahoney
With a name like Storm, you expect a slugger.  And that's what you have in this Rightfielder. Storm didn't miss a single game all season, playing in all 162.  He smacked 45 dingers and 139 Rbi's.   He even scored 109 runs and stole 25 bases on the season.

Cy Young-Gary Brede
As a spot starter and a long reliever.  Gary Brede has pretty successful season.  He logged 128 innings in 41 games.  He started 9 of those games.  He posted a 3.79 ERA and held opponents to a .243 average.

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