Monday, March 11, 2013

AL South Team Awards

Tampa Bay Thunder
MVP-3B Junior Yang
It would have been easy to just give it to the guy with those most dingers, but Junior truly deserves it. Yang is a very good defensive third baseman with 11 plus plays on the season.  He also hit .280 with 35 home runs and 110 Rbi's.  Not to mention he stole 20 bases and scored 87 runs.

Cy Young-P Claude Collins
This was a difficult choice.  I decided to go with Collins because he won 15 games and had an ERA of 3.95, the lowest ERA in the rotation.  He also struck out 205 batters in 207.1 innings.  That's pretty impressive.

San Juan Pollos Hermanos
MVP-C/DH Harvey Merrick
This was a close one, but ultimately I went with Merrick because although he spent most of his season as a DH, the time spent behind the plate was very effective.  He allowed 10 SB's and also caught 10 runners trying to steal.  With a bat in his hand he smacked 30 home runs and 106 rbi's.  He also hit .285 and ended the season on a nine game hitting streak.

Cy Young-P Shane Osik
Although he didn't accumulate very many wins(11), he still had a very effective season.  He struck out 154 batters in 183.1 innings and had a 3.39 ERA.  Most impressive was his opponents slugging percentage against him at a team low .380.

New Orleans Nighthawks
MVP-2B Quinn Watson
Although Quinn may not have been the most fierece offensive weapon on the team, I think he was most certainly the most valuable.  Watson had 22 plus plays and only 14 errors in 131 games at one of the most important defensive positions.  He also  hit 23 home runs and 72 rbi's

Cy Young- P Jesus Amezaga
Benitez was very deserving as well, but Amezaga was just a unhittable force this season.  He had 32 saves and held opponents to a .192 average against him.  He struck out 73 batters in 60.1 innings and had a impressive 1.01 WHIP on the season.

Nashville Nalas
MVP-DH/1B Heinie Rice
Holy smokes this guy put up some numbers.  Try 51 homers and 134 rbi's.  He also hit .294 and had an impressive .371 obp  He also only struck out 67 times in 571 AB's which is pretty impressive for a slugger.

Cy Young-P Alex Martis
Martis only had 10 wins has a starter, but still pitched very well this season. He struck out 192 batters in 190.2 innings and had an ERA of  3.16.  He held opponents to a .216 average against him.

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