Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NL South Team Awards

Houston Roughnecks
MVP- 1B Carl Esposito
I'm not quite sure there's another player in the NL that put up offensive numbers like Esposito did this season. He crossed the 200 hit barrier with 201 and hit a .318(4th in NL) with a .403 OBP(5th) and .591 SLG(3rd). His 47 homers paced the NL along with his 144 RBI. He was 2nd in runs scored with 139. Another impressive stat is the fact that he hits for power like that and was able to walk more than strikeout 90/85. He very well may be the NL MVP so he has to be his teams MVP.

Cy Young- Vinny Grace
This was a tough decision here. I could have gone with any of their rotation, but the win-loss of Grace tipped the scales in his favor. He finished with a 13-2 record and 3.55 ERA on the season. He was third on the staff with 164.2 IP and second in strike outs with 126 and OAV with a .224. He also had an outstanding 1.14 WHIP. He was a big part of this teams success this season.

Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
MVP- 1B Vic Rijo
I'm not going to far outside the box in this division so far. Rijo is another league MVP candidate. He led the league in average with a .333 and OBP with a .434. Maybe even more surprising is that he led in Slugging as well with a .637 which was 32 points higher than second place. He totaled 34 doubles, 4 triples and 37 homers. He adds 110 RBI and 96 runs as well. His 87 walks to 50 strikeouts is the best ratio I've seen so far in the NL.

CY Young- Roland Sweeney
Another tough Cy Young decision. Louisville had a great rotation and Sweeney was the true ace. His 16-8 record to go with a 2.99 ERA and .228 OAV paced the rest of the staff. He also struck out 172 batters in 195.2 innings while only walking 40 and giving up just 19 homers. His name snuck onto the league Cy Young ballot a couple times late in the season, but ended up just out of the race. Still, he is his teams Cy Young.

Charlotte Bad News
MVP- LF Rico Tatis
This is just a division full of league MVP type players. Tatis actually was a tougher decision than the others because there were a few deserving players on this team. Tatis though gets the nod. He hit a .296 this season with a .366 OBP, and .605 SLG(2nd in the league). His 46 homers were second in the NL as were his 133 RBI. His 124 Runs scored ranked 3rd. To add to his numbers, Tatis even stole 15 bases to keep teams honest.

Cy Young- Willie Crawford
Crawford was an easy choice. He led the team in wins with a 14-5 record, OAV with a .216, and ERA with a 3.24. He also pitched in 169.1 innings and struck out 127 batters while walking 57. Crawford doesn't have the best stuff on this staff and isn't the ace, but he sure pitched like one this season.

Jackson Juggernauts
MVP- CF Scott Harvey
Harvey has a mix of good hitting to go with great fielding abilities. He hit 24 homers this season and 34 doubles. He drove in 85 runs while scoring 87 of them. To add to his power numbers he also stole 19 bases. He hit a .286, with a .350 OBP, and .509 SLG. He didn't have his best season in the field, but still managed 14 plus plays and a 2.19 range factor. Scott Harvey is a rare 5 tool player.

Cy Young- Rube Clark
This team may have had a let down of a season by their standards, but Clark didn't. He still went on to post a 15-5 record to lead the team in wins. He also led them in IP with 195.1, OAV .230, OBP .289, and a 3.27 ERA. He didn't just have a good season, he had a very good season. It's too bad that the rest of the team didn't join in on the fun.

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