Monday, January 21, 2013

Around the League-AL South

Here is the latest update from RXW1

After 56 games not much has changed in the AL South since the last report. Unlike the last couple of seasons this year is about parity within the division. 6 games separate top from bottom with the top three teams are separated by 2 games. 

Tampa Bay (31-24) has won 10 of their last 12 behind their offense. Victor Alexandar (.308 16HR 35 RBI) leads an offense that is #4 in Team Batting , #1 in HR’s, #3 in Runs scored. Season11 #1 Overall Pick Claude Collins threw his first career no hitter for Tampa Bay.

San Juan (29-26) currently sits 2 games out of first following a pair of 3 game win streaks. Houston Graves (.333 8 HR 36 RBI) leads the #1 Batting Avg & #1 OBS offense. Stretch Campbell’s 12 Saves leads the Hermanos’ pitching staff.

New Orleans (29-26) has spent time on top of the division but has struggled lately. The team has been on autopilot since 1/13 so we are all hoping all is well with owner larryvegas. Henry Siddall (.340 8 HR 32 RBI) leads a Nighthawks offense which is #14 Runs Scored #4 in Doubles. Everth Benitez (9-1 2.43 ERA) leads the pitching staff.

Nashville (25-30) continues to struggle with consistency so far this season. The Nalas had 6 game losing streak followed by a 10 game winning streak pulling them up as high as 2nd place. Owner bnags has threatened a fire sale if things don’t turnaround – we’re not counting the Nalas out by a long shot. They currently have lost 10 of 12 and are sitting 6 games behind. Heine Rice (.318 22 HR 54 RBI) leads an offense that #13 in BA #15 in Runs Scored. Apollo Fletcher ‘s 13 saves leads the pitching staff.

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