Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ATL- NL South by Arfy

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NL South (As reported by Arfy)

The NL South is traditionally one of the toughest divisions in all of Pine Tar.  This year only separated by 3.5 games form first to last so far.

Charlotte is 12-8.  They had a 5 game winning streak mixed in there and have been scoring lots of runs(2nd in NL).  36 year old starting pitcher Woody Sheridan is also off to a 2-0,  1.29 ERA start in 4 games.

Louisville is 2nd at 10-9.  Their pitching staff is off to a great start(13 QS in 19 games, T-1st NL), but as usual their hitting has not been impressive enough to get more wins.

Houston is 3rd at 9-11.   Led by newcoming coach Bagwellbluff.  Make sure to say hi to Tim, as he is quite a nice guy.   They had a 6 game losing streak so far.   They have been lacking in run support(13th in NL).  Also SP Carlos Nieto has given up 10 hr already in 4 games.

Jackson is at the rear at 8-11.  They have been lacking in several categories so far this season, run support (14th in NL) and IRS(inherited runners scored, 5th highest in NL).  3B Jeff Moore is off to another great start hitting .386.  Look for Jackson to turn it around soon.

Louisville home vs. 
Seattle Strikers (12-8)

Seattle Strikers

Seattle Strikers

@Trenton Thunders (11-9)

@Trenton Thunders

@Trenton Thunders

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