Monday, January 7, 2013

Around the League

NL North

Out of the NL North Stabuckdc will be reporting on the happenings this season. The first reports from his desk are as follows:

It's been an up and down first week:
-Fargo started out strong with un-supportable pitching and strong hitting.
-Iowa City floundered out of the gate, but after winning 100 games last year it didn't take long for the Hawkeyes to get back on top of the division.
-Trenton started slow and has responded to the challenge laid down by Fargo and Iowa City.
-Montreal stopped to eat grass when the bell was rung and continues to graze. So far it looks like a three horse race in the division.

More reports hopefully soon to follow.

NL East

Reporting in on the NL East is csudak.

The NL East was very tight throughout season 21, and is already a dog fight early on in season 22, with all four teams within 2.5 games of first. 

Out to a surprising first place position is Washington, and they are doing it with offense, as they rank 3rd in the NL in runs scored.

Just 1.5 games back is Philadelphia doing it with solid defense and just enough offense, including a big powerful start from Nate Carter who already has 6 homeruns.

Jacksonville is sitting at .500 and 2 games back, and you have to wonder where they would be with a solid back end to the bullpen. Sherman Stevens got off to a horrendous start, with 4 blown saves in his first 5 opportunities. With 3 straight converted, things might be turning around.

Pulling up the rear, but only 2.5 games back is Cincinnati, who has a solid defense ranking 2nd in the NL in fielding %, but just cannot put more than 2 wins in a row together.

It's still early in the NL East, and at this point everything is wide open.

AL South

Season 22 in the AL South is all about parity after the 1st week of the season. Only 2 games separate 1st from 4th. The rest of the division is enjoying seeing 10 time defending champion Nashville at the bottom of the standings but we all know that won't last. New Orleans leads the division by winning 6 of 8 to start the season but Tampa Bay & San Juan have been heating up with both of their offenses in the Top 5 in the league.

Key Stat of Week 1: Despite being 8-9. Nashville is 6-0 in one runs games to start the year.


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