Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Season 22 Pitcher Highlights 1Q

Cyrus Torres is a no doubt Hall of Famer and has been one of the leagues top arms for well over ten seasons. He is a home grown player
who has spent his entire career with one team. During that span Torres has won 3 Cy Youngs,  1 World Series title, and 252 wins. In his 13 season career he has never missed an All-Star game. This guy is the definition of a "Innings Eater". He has pitched 3109 innings so far in 13 full seasons. That's an average of 240 innings a season. Torres is off to a slow start in season 22 but there's still a lot of  games left to be played.

Cyrus Torres

Hired Gun
Journey Man pitcher, Diego Valbuena is arguably the top pitcher in the league. After nine seasons in the Majors he has put up phenomenal numbers. 132 career wins, 3213 innings, 244 OAV and a 3.74 ERA. All of this while playing in for four different teams in four very different  
ballparks. He has pitched for Boston and San Juan which are more hitter friendly then most. Then he moved to Seattle's monster stadium which isn't homer friendly but can still make a good pitcher look average. Valbuena received his first max contract this season and based on the past he's worth every penny. 
Diego Valbuena

Franchise Player
John Rucker was traded to the Seattle Strikers just before the start of season 19. Since then he has been a perfect fit and lead one of the best rotations Pine Tar has ever seen. Rucker has piled up 51 wins and pitched over 200 innings each season since the trade. Before being traded his career high was 15 wins and 192 innings pitched. Rucker has excelled since joining the Strikers and is a true franchise player.
John Rucker

Above the Numbers
One of the big surprises this season is the success of the Vancouver Canucks. This team is off to a hot start with a record of 23-16. Some of that success is because of Bill Crabtree. Looking at his ratings alone he is a four or five starter at best. Season 21 was by far the best season for Crabtree. He posted a 14-10 record with a 3.23 ERA with 183 innings pitched, solid but nothing special. So far this seaon he is 4-0 with a 2.26 ERA with 55 innings pitched. This could be a career year for Crabtree if he continues to perform on a high level.
Bill Crabtree

Phenom Watch
Strikeout artist, Sticky Farquhar is a great young arm in the league. At the young age of 24, Farquhar has already played three full seasons and struck out 492 batters. A 200+ inning a season pitcher, this guy has the potential to be a sure Hall of Famer. If he stays healthy we might compare him to Cyrus Torres as one of Pine Tar's all time greats.
Sticky Farquhar

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