Friday, November 20, 2009

Division Reviews

Thursday, August 27, 2009

National League

NL North

Fargo Wood Chippers are playing great baseball like always. They have won eight straight division titles, and they also have two World Series titles to their credit. Additions to the already ridiculously successful dynasty are top notch relievers Polin Castillo and Al Lyon. Will see if their dominance in the division continues.

Pittsburgh Clementes is looking to make an appearance in the playoffs for the first time in team history. They have started the season on a good note, hopefully it continues in the hard fought division. Havent made any major trades yet, but the season is still quite early.

Helena A** Clowns are tired of being in the shadows of Fargo year in and year out. The team that won ninety games last year is basically the same this year. A small tweak is the acquisition of pitcher Al Rivers. Is this the year Helena comes out on top? We shall see...

Sioux Falls Canaries is looking to improve to the sixty seven win campaign from last year. If they keep playing like they have thus far this season, they will have no problem surpassing the previous year winning record. They have shown a lot of effort in improving their team, signing multiple free agents. Kevin Wanatabe, Hod Adams and Samuel Hughes are just a few examples of the additions done to the team. Will see how the new players accomodate.

NL East

Kansas City Kardinals have only one appearance in the playoffs in the past seven years. That to them is unacceptable and this season are looking to improve their playoff experience. Early signs are good, KC just gotta keep on rolling. No major changes made to the team that won eighty three games last year, maybe the chemistry already built is gonna be the deciding factor in them making it to the playoffs.

New York Moneymaker is looking to improve on the second place in the division and the eighty six win campaign from last year. Being on a seven game winning streak definately gives them a good shot at reaching their goal of making the playoffs. No major moves made thus far, but no moves needed either, team is doing just fine.

Jacksonville Juice is in uncharted territories. They havent had less wins than losses since season three. Winning ninety eight games last year, it comes as a surprise to see them have a losing record so far this season. They have been quite active signing free agents and doing some trades. Thus far those moves havent paid off like they wanted but never count out Jacksonville.

Cincinnati Firestorm is having a tough start so far in the season, which comes as a surprise since they've won at least eighty games in the previous two years. No major trades done so far, but that might change if the team doesn't start improving.Will see what's gonna happen in Cincinnati.

NL South

Houston Roughnecks are playing some great baseball. Following the fourth franchise move in the team history, this season seems to be going on quite well. Being extremely active on the trading front also has been essential to the great start the team has had. Some of the big additions: Clarence Cain, Jeremy Stanley and Clay Park.

Charleston Riverdogs is looking to get back to the World Series after losing to Tampa in the previous year. Based on past years, they have started quite slowly at home, already losing ten games. They have made a few blockbuster trades getting players like Einar Tatis, Pepper Sanders and Osvaldo Tatis.

Mexico City Invaders are coming off another franchise move. They are already on pace to surpass the fifty seven wins from previous year. No major trades made thus far, but will wait and see how the season evolves for Mexico City. An interesting free agent signing is already paying dividends, Bip Clayton has been perfect winning four games already and posting a measly 1.70 era.

Monterrey Jacks are experiencing another tough start of the season. Hoping to improve on their previous campaign of fifty three wins, management might need to make some moves. We shall see how the season unfolds for Monterrey.

NL West

Colorado Springs Night Watchmen is starting the season with the usual winning attitude that they've had for years. Two years after they won the World Series, Colorado is hungry for another trip to the finals. A few notable additions to the club: Rob Lee, Harry Paz and Tomas Baez.

Seattle Strikers is eagerly awaiting for that elusive playoffs appearance. On pace to win more than seventy nine wins they got last year, this franchise looks to be heading into the right direction. No major moves made thus far regarding trades or free agent signings.

San Franciso Giants came close last year on getting into the playoffs, but to them close means nothing. Hoping to break the streak of no shows in the playoffs San Francisco is counting on their pitching staff to step up. Major free agent signing Lonny Sojo has been spectacular. Let's see if this is the year for Giants fans to celebrate.

Los Angeles Pride of the Dodgers team is coming yet another move. A tough start of the season is definately putting some pressure on management to make a few moves. Already made a few moves such as Daniel Porter and Joel Moore , management is not afraid to pull the trigger on trading any of its players.

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