Friday, November 20, 2009

Owners Hall of Fame

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Players, coaches, trainers, they all play a key roll for the success of a franchise, but more often than not, the overlooked person that stands behind the scene is the owner. They have to put in time, finances and a lot of heart ache for their beloved franchises. This year one lucky owner will be inducted into the Owners Hall of Fame. The thing that is even more rewarding is that this will be decided by all the other owners. The voting will be tallied during the All-Star Game. There will be five owners available for being inducted into the Owners Hall of Fame. Although, only one owner out of the five will be inducted this season, it doesn't mean they can't be inducted in future years.
The five choices are: rxw1 ( Tampa Bay Thunder), domiisgod (Philadelphia Cheesesteaks), Starbuckdc (Fargo Wood Chippers), greygoose123 (Jacksonville Juice) and toe64 ( Colorado Springs).

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