Friday, November 20, 2009

North Division Review

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NL North

Fargo has been playing great baseball, and they look to add on to their impressive collection of trophies. They have posted a league best fourty-five wins at home. They rank first in pitching and second in batting. Top performers : Alton Olson, Ebenezer Brett and Ed Nathan.

Helena has the misfortune of being in the same division with Fargo. They are currently leading the "Wild Card" race and would like nothing more than to eliminate their arch rivals Fargo in the playoffs. Top players : Carlos Soto, Albie Johnson and Buck Leonard.

Sioux Falls under new management has been respectable at home posting thirty-one wins. With improvement on the road they will be able to contend for a wild card position in the future. Top performers : Miguel Pichardo, Hank Cronin and Brad Shave.

Pittsburgh will definately improve on the sixty wins they recorded last year. Unlike Sioux Falls they have a decent road record, what they need to improve is their home record which currently only consists of twenty-four wins. Top players : Samuel Calderon, Odalis Izquierdo and rookie Dave Urich.

AL North

Detroit is looking on winning their second division title since their eighth year inception in the league. Ranked first in batting, they need to improve their pitching in order to make some noise in the playoffs. Top performers: Jose Bravo, Nap Clements and Omar Siqueiros.

Milwaukee is fighting hard for a "Wild Card" spot to enable them to appear in the playoffs for the first time in their franchise history. Solid pitching is the main reason they will improve their record of eighty wins from last year. Top players: Earl Hammonds, Julian Martinez and Frank Martin.

Minnesota is in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since being in the league. Batting hasn't been a problem since they are ranked fifth in the league, but their pitching has dropped considerably from their third place ranking from last year. Top performers: Murray Mahaffey, Vance Piper and Alex Garrido.

Syracuse has already recorded sixty-one wins, an improvement from last year, and one win away from surpassing their record from two years ago. They are definitely heading into the right direction. Top players: Don Wang, Chris Damon and Willie Ayala.

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