Friday, November 20, 2009

Playoff Race - 15 games left

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

American League

In the American League, the division titles are almost locked up baring disasters by the current teams in the lead. Detroit, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and St.Louis are projected to make the playoffs winning their respective divisions.The fight for the two 'Wild Card' playoff spots is ongoing. At the top there is New Orleans and Milwaukee, followed closely by Minnesota and Texas. Mathematically still in the race are Oakland and Syracuse. It should be interesting to see how things line up at the end of the season.

National League

In the National League, one of the four divisions is still left to be decided. Fargo, Jacksonville, and Charleston are projected to win their divisions. Colorado is the favorite, leading by five games ahead of San Francisco, but it's too close to call, especially since it would prove the previous prediction wrong.Helena is leading the 'Wild Card' race followed closely by Nashville, Kansas and New York. San Francisco and Cincinnati cannot afford to lose any more games if they want to stay in contention.

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