Friday, November 20, 2009

West Division Review

Friday, July 3, 2009

NL West

Colorado has the 'World Series Title' in the clubhouse, and they will put up a helluva fight to keep it there. Although they will come short of the games won last year, never count them out. They will make the playoffs for the eighth straight time. Top performers: Hugh Hudson, Craig Radke and Ernest Buck.

San Francisco is fighting hard to stay involved in the playoffs hunt, trying to go into the post-season for the first time in franchise history. Similar to other teams in the National League they need to do a better job of winning at home. Top players: Russell Robinson, Bill Cohen and Denny Lui.

Seattle is going through some hard times, winning only two games out of the last ten. Off-loading some veterans before the season ends for some prospects will give them a jump start for next season. Top performers: Vince Jefferson, Angel Suarez and Gerald Richardson.

Albuquerque will improve from previous year, but unfortunately they will hit the century mark in losses for the second straight year. They should try making some moves for some prospects to get a head start for next year. Top players: Carl Coles, Reggie Bowman and Anthony Stroud.

AL West

St. Louis is predicted to win their fourth straight division title. With the playoff spot assured, it remains to be seen how well they will do in the playoffs. Their season success can be attributed to their pitching staff which ranks second in the entire league. Top performers: Felix Wilson, Eli Mercado and Jim Byrne.

Oakland already has won more games then they had last year, so they are on the right track. Look for them to be active before the end of the year on moving some veteran players. Top players: Roberto Flores, Rafael Gutierrez and Wallace Nunnally.

Omaha will fall short of their winning record from past two years but they are not too far from competing for a playoff spot next year. They need to make some moves in the pitching department since their batting ranks an impressive third in the entire league. Top performers: Tony Cummings, Clayton Kennedy and Vinny Evans.

Las Vegas is having another tough season, couple of things to look up for are the season is almost over and next year they will draft at the top. There are is no word from ownership on what will happen next season, we shall wait and see. Top players: Jared Brown, Alejandro Sierra and Dick Wunsch.

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