Friday, November 20, 2009

East Division Review

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NL East

Jacksonville is on pace on reaching the century mark in wins for a second time. The last time they did that, they were the World Series Champions. Major reason for their success attributes to their pitching, which is ranked third. Top players: Lloyd Patrick, Bobby Perez and Julius Sowders.

New York is fighting with other seven teams for a "Wild Card" spot. Improving the home record is a must, since they have played respectable on the road. Top performers: Ronnie Washington, Lonny Infante and Jorge Johnson.

Kansas City is having a hard time after managing ninety-three wins last season. They are currently ranked sixth in batting, but sixteenth in pitching. If they manage some better outings from their pitching staff, they might take that final "Wild Card" spot. Top players: Ichiro Pong, David Franco and Kiki Duran.

Cincinnati must keep the great play of late if they want to give themselves a chance to get back in the playoffs. Having top ten pitching, Cincinnati is a few position players away from being division contenders. Top performers: Rickey Stone, Andrew Page and Tomas Nieves.

AL East

Philadelphia is looking for their fifth division title in a row, and baring a total disaster they will get it. Surprisingly they rank below average in both batting and pitching. Looking for that elusive world series title they definately have to step it up in the playoffs. Top players: Rich Meyers, Charlie Thomas and Paul Wang.

Augusta is having some tough times, with ownership problems and franchise movements. With seven different owners in eight years, it's hard to compete in any sport. They seem to be moving in the right direction, and will play a key role next year in the fight for the playoffs. Top performers: Ryan Gonzales, Harry Maduro and Aurelio Rodriguez.

Atlanta is probably looking on moving some veteran players, and prepare themselves for an all out assault to get into the playoffs next year. Having only one playoff appearance in eight years some moves are necessary.Top players: Tito Lukasiewics, Kevin Kyung and Javier Gabriel.

Chicago is in uncharted territories, having won the world series just two seasons ago, the team is on pace to finish last in the division for the first time. With some key acquisitions, Chicago will be back where it belongs, upsetting Philadelphia in seven games. Top performers: J.C. Cox, Fernando Torres and Bob Wood.

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