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Division Reviews

Saturday, August 29, 2009

American League

AL North

Minnesota PeaceFrog missed the playoffs last year for the first time in their history. They will look to improve on the eighty nine wins they had last year. They have been busy signing free agents plus making some deals. Howard O'Brian and Hugh Brewer were signed to multi-years deals and a major deal bringing in Dan Shipley were some of the moves done to get them back in contention. The injury bug hit Minnesota hard right from the start of the season. Shipley being gone for the entire year and his salary of over sixty millions over four years is hard to overlook. The team has reacted quite well thus far, leading the division and having multiple winning streaks.

Detroit Red Dogs are coming off their best showing in their franchise history. It will be hard to repeat the season success they enjoyed last year but management believes it's possible since there have been no moves at all. Notable additions to the club are the promotions of Chick Linden and Orber Torres.

Milwaukee Cream Citys is hoping that last year was no fluke and try to make it to the post-season for the second time in franchise history. When you win ninety games in the previous year you are doing something right, hence there have been no major moves made by Milwaukee. They did make a free agent signing, getting Archie Metzger for a couple or years. Will see if they will remain quiet or they will make a blockbuster trade.

Syracuse Snow Pirates have managed to get themselves back on track after a disastrous start of the season. Having a lot more pressure now, with " The Frozen Galley" closely following the day to day team operations, Syracuse hasn't dissapointed. So far, they are on pace to surpass the eighty wins they had last year. Although Syracuse is trying to get into the playoffs for the first time in Syracuse's history, they have made trades that makes the team better long term. Getting young players, through trades, such as Bart Hamelin and Max Guillen.

AL East

Atlanta Cherokee is looking to improve on the seventy two wins campaign they had last year. Thus far, they are on pace to not only surpass that mark but even win the division and furthermore get into the playoffs for the first time in Atlanta's history. Ofcourse it's still early in the season, but at least we got people talking in Atlanta about the good start their team has had.They have made a lot of moves, especially in the free agents market. Some of their signings are: Jin Pan, Sidney Ryan and Willie Barajas.

Philadelphia Cheesesteaks are in danger of ending their streak of five straight division titles. There is still a lot of baseball to be played and last year they had a rough start too and still ended up with eighty eight wins and the division crown. Philadelphia have been quite active making some big trades. They hope Benji Villafuerte and Kirk Kirby will help them get closer to that elusive title.

Hartford Stags is having a decent start of the season, definately looking on improving on the sixty six wins the team had last year. After moving the team, management is trying to see how the team accomodates to the new environment. So far, there have been no major moves, either signing free agents or making any major deals.

Augusta Mainiacs is having a tough start of the season so far. Trying to make it to the playoffs for the first time in team history, management has worked overtime to get some talent in town. They have made a lot of additions to the club, some of the major ones are free agent signings of: Jaime Kojima, Walter Miceli and Richard Tanaka.

AL South

New Orleans Bead Busters has started the season on a good note. They are trying to improve on the great season they had last year when they won ninety games and appeared in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Louie Caballero and Carlos Perez are some of the additions to the team, maybe there are more moves coming for New Orleans. Currently New Orleans are fighting for the division lead with Tampa, should be an interesting battle throughout the season.

Tampa Bay Thunder after having a great season capped with the World Series title last year are looking for a repeat. Winning that World Series ring in the previous year has made management content to stick to the same team. Therefore, no major trades nor free agent signings have been made for Tampa Bay.

Texas Express is having a tough start of the season, quite a surprise after winning at least eighty games the previous three seasons. Additions such as Brandon Jacobs and Lawrence Butler were brought in to solidify this team and give them a push for the playoff race. Will see how they accommodate to their new team.

Nashville Nalas is looking on improving to the forty nine wins they had last season. Although they haven't had a great start in the current season, they are on pace to surpass their last season total in wins. Couple of additions to the team are Derrek Newfield and Ivan Sweeney.

AL West

St. Louis Start of Something is looking for another division title, and have started the season on a great note. They are on pace to surpass the ninety six wins they had last year. The additions of Darell Price and Adam Podsednik have helped propel St. Louis into first place in the AL West division. Will see how the rest of the season will look for St. Louis and if they manage to win the division, it will be interesting to see if they can go all the way to win the World Series title.

Omaha Hot Pockets is trying to get into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Although there is still a lot of baseball to be played, they should be happy with their start and maybe with a few moves they can overtake St. Louis for the division crown. Management hasn't made any major moves thus far, they are content with what their current team as it is.

Las Vegas Madness is having a tough start, but they have plenty of time to recover. Management has been very active through trades and free agency. Additions such as John Chen, Sammy Lee, Rudy Grey and Bret Schneider have improved the team considerably on paper, it's just a matter of time until the wins pile up.

Oakland Renegades is also having a tough start, especially after winning eighty wins last year. Additions of Toby Thompson and Neifi Romero haven't helped thus far like management expected. Management might need to make a couple more moves to get the team back on track or maybe they need to be patient and see how the new acquisitions accomodate to the team.

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