Friday, November 20, 2009

South Division Review

Friday, July 3, 2009

NL South

Charleston is having a great season thus far, posting a league best fifty wins on the road alone. Pitching has been their strength this season, ranking fourth in the entire league. If they can get their batting going, they will be tough to beat. Top performers: Felipe Ibanez, John Ashley and Al Mota.

Nashville is on pace for a fifth straight second place finish in the division thanks to Charleston. Having won thirty-eight wins on the road, they need to play better at home to keep up in the heated race for the two playoff positions in the National League. Top players: Benji Villafuerte, Dan Shipley and Hunter Healy.

Mexico City is having a tough season, and they definitely have to look on making some major changes. It should be interesting to see what moves they will make early next year. Top performers: Harry Iglesias, John Chen and Troy Jefferson.

Monterrey is also looking forward for next year, just like Mexico City look for them to be very active on the trading front and free agency. Top players: Al Keeler, Dean Franco and Alfredo Price.

AL South

Tampa Bay is looking to get back to the world series and avenge their tough loss from last year. With their winning record projected to hit the century mark, it's no surprise they are ranked at the top in both hitting and pitching. Top performers: Ron Owens, Ivan Silva and Will McCarthy.

New Orleans is in a close race for one of the two remaining playoff spots. They have to maintain the current streak of winning seven of the past ten games. On the road, they have been great having won forty-one games already. Top players: Joe Keisler, Steve Minor and Rob Lee .

Texas needs to step out of their current downfall, winning only three games in the past ten games will not be enough to keep them in the race for the playoffs. Top performers: Phil Shaw, Harry Figureoa and Alan Krause.

Florida will improve significantly from their miserable last season. With commitment for next season already shown from the owner, look for Florida to be very active on the free agency front. Top players: Bobby Valent, Ken Abbott and Ben Morton.

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