Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings ep.6

  • Howard Atkins from Syracuse is the current ba leader hitting .375.  Nearly 20 points over the next guy.
  • I don't know what rating would have the most to do with this, but San Juan Leftfielder Ralph Hatcher leads the league in HBP.
  • Louisville has 9 position players hitting over .300 and 5 players with Ops over 1.000.
  • Ever wondered who the most wild winning pitcher is?  That would be Colorado Springs pitcher Patrick Wilson.  In 90 innings Wilson is 5-4 with a 3.31 ERA.  He is also 9th overall with 47 walks.
  • Surprisingly Iowa City leads the majors in Strikeouts on offense.  They have struck out 60 times more than the next team.
  • The hardest team to strikeout is Nashville.
  • Boston and Madison are hitting over .300 against lefties this season as a team
  • Durham is the only team hitting over .300 against righties
  • 13 teams have not pitched a complete game this season.
  • Rochester is the only team this season that hasn't issued an intentional walk
  • The Boston defense is so strong that they have 51 plus plays and only 3 negative plays.  They are also the third lowest in errors.
  • 2 insane box scores you have to check out:  Madison vs. Alb game 1  and Madison vs. Alb game 2.
  • Did you know?  That there are currently 36 players in the majors that were drafted in the fifth round or worse.  Most of them are catchers and pitchers.  I was expecting this number to be about 2 or 3.  Vancouver Pitcher Quinn Jenson was the most overlooked player in the major leagues.  He was drafted by Skidmark in Season 18 in the 22nd round and selected 731st overall. 

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