Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Juan Palmeiro
Rochester Retards

Score - 58
Fastball Velocity - 60
Fastball Movement - 70
Control - 50
Command - 55
Slider - 55
Curveball - 60
Change Up - 55
Split FB - 20

Juan was signed two seasons ago from the Virgin Islands to a Major League contract with a $5.0M signing bonus. His 4-Seam Fastball will blow hitters away. He currently has been clocked 91 to 94 MPH. As he continues to mature, he may add a MPH or two to that speed. His deceptive movement on the fastball is what is so devastating. It moves in on right-handed batters and away on left-handed batters. He doesn't have a problem getting same-handed batters out, but he does struggle some with right-handed batters. He also needs to work on his control and could really dump his Split Fastball. Juan has the ceiling of a #1 starter with the floor of a #4 starter. Currently, he looks like he might fit in as a nice #3 starter in Rochester's future rotation.

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