Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings......Draft Edition

  • I wonder what it feels like to play in the NL EAST.  The Jacksonville Juice are in first place with a 18-23 record.  That's messed up!
  • Box Scores you have to check out:
Cincinnati at Louisville   4/17 pm2
New York at Los Angeles 4/17 pm2 
Boston at Kansas City 4/17 pm
Rochester at Tucson 4/17 pm
Houston at Fargo 4/17 pm
Washington at Seattle 4/16 pm
Colorado Springs at Charlotte 4/15 am
Montreal at Houston 4/14 pm2

  • How do you guys like the box score thingie above?  Send me a trade chat and let me know if you take the time to click on the links or should I just skip the box scores?
  • I thought it would be fun with the draft coming up to take a long back at previous #1 draft picks and see what they are up to:
Season POS Player          Drafted by        Present team
22        P Gerald Foster    NY          NY in AA 8 starts, 3-1, 2.08 ERA
21       RF JA Stanley       Far           Far in ML  .227, 11hr, 35 rbi
20      RF Gus Justice        NY         NY in ML .316 ba, .426 OBP  ROY candidate?
19       RP Apollo Fletcher   Det         Nash  11inn, 8.18 ERA has had a couple decent seasons with Nashville with ERA's in the high 3's.
18       LF Jojo Frandsen  Van          Sea  .284 BA 8 hrs
17      3B  John Satou        Lou        OKC  .318 BA this season.  Typically good for 20 hr's.
16      SP  Sticky Farquahar   Iowa   Iowa  Good for 200+ inn, 15-17 wins and ERA's in the 2's.
15     SP  Rock Randall       Stl         Stl       Good for 14 wins and ERA's in the 3's.  Probably would be better if he was in the NL.

  • Displacednyr comes out of nowhere and turns Syracuse around.  They only won 78 games last season, but this season are already 7 games over .500 and leading the league in BA and OBP.
  • Louisville leads the league in Pinch hit with 19.  Maybe we are onto something as they aren't appearing strong in any other categories yet are still 7 games over .500.
  • Oklahoma City leads the majors in ERA with 3.12.  A vast improvement over last seasons 4.28 ERA.  They are also 5 games over .500, so hopefully they have turned the corner.
  • Vancouver pitching staff fares better against lefties than any other team holding them to a .221 BA
  • Fargo pitching staff fares better against righties, holding them to a .225 BA
  • Surprising fact.  The Durham Doormats who are 13 games over .500 have the 3rd fewest amount of Quality Starts.  What is their secret?
  • Least amount of Inherited runners scored?   Colorado Springs and Oklahoma City.
  • My personal favorite stat to look at.  Defensive Shortstops.  Boston SS Yusmeiro Julio  has 12 plus plays and only 2 errors this season.  How does he compare to your SS?
  • We have a new leader in BA.  Syracuse DH Howard Atkins is hitting .430 in 158 AB's.  There also 2 other players hitting over .400 this season
  • New Orleans RF Sam Slotnick is leading the majors in homers with 20.  Not surprising since this dude hit 62 homers a few seasons back.
  • Los Angeles CF Del Broome is going for the Vince Coleman award this season as he has 21 sb's and has only been caught twice.
  • Retard pitcher John McNamara leads the league in wins this season with 8.  lol
  • So apparently 1B usually have the most Double Plays.  Kansas City SS Yorvit Ortiz leads the non- firstbasemen in Double Plays.
  • Alb 3B Darryl Bonham is on a tear as of late hitting 15 for his last 39.  Bringing his season average up to .331.

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