Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Boone Brow
Nashville Nalas

Score - 55
Hitting - 50
Power - 60
Plate Discipline - 55
Running - 50
Fielding - 55
Range - 55
Arm Strength - 55
Arm Accuracy - 60

Boone was drafted as a 3B out of high school. He doesn't profile to stick there. He doesn't have enough in his throws across the diamond. His power and hit tools are plus so he definitely could move to another position and do well. He has a long swing with a lot of miss to it. He has been improving in his fielding, but his speed may limit his range which could keep him from moving to a premium position such as 2B. He may need to move to a corner outfield spot which his bat should still carry him with such a move. He has 20+ homer power with a handful of stolen bases to boot. His ceiling looks to be a ML 2B with a floor of a ML bench player. Boone currently profiles to be a starting ML RF who will hit .250 with a few stolen bases and 20 homers.

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