Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Josh Osborne
Iowa City Hawkeyes

Score - 50
Hitting - 40
Power - 45
Plate Discipline - 60
Running - 40
Fielding - 50
Range - 55
Arm Strength - 60
Arm Accuracy - 50

Josh is listed as a 2B, but he has the defensive portrait of a RF. Josh has a long swing which keeps him from making good solid contact. For him to play either corner spot, he needs speed or power. Josh lacks in both. He does know how to take a walk - it is usually back to the dugout. He was recently interviewed, and the question was asked what position he would like to play in the majors. Josh said, "I would be happy to play wherever Iowa needs me to play on the field." With no discernable plus attribute other than his makeup, Josh has the ceiling of a ML bench player with the floor of a AAA player. Don't look for Josh in the majors unless an airplane crashes carrying the whole Iowa team.

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