Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings

  • Biggest surprise so far this season- Seattle Strikers(8-13)- Looking at their schedule they lost 3 of 4 to a much improved Colorado team.  They got swept by Iowa City.  Not surprising as Iowa City is a solid team.    Lost 2 of 3 from Albuquerque.  Really there only surprise to me was getting swept by Fargo.  They'll turn it around.
  • Crazy Box scores you HAVE to see
-4/10 PM  Durham at San Juan
-4/10 AM  Oklahoma City at Philadelphia
-4/9 AM Houston at Philadelphia  -Make sure to read the play by play in the top of the 9th.
-4/8 PM2 Nashville at Tucson
-4/7 PM2 Jackson at Houston
-4/7 PM Madison at Iowa City
-4/7 AM Colorado Springs at Washington DC
-4/6 PM2 San Juan at Kansas City

  • Philadelphia Moneymakers are in a rut.  Hitting .210 as a team on the season.
  • Kansas City has been caught stealing more than any other team this season.  20.  As a team they also have 16 SB.
  • Pittsurgh Ironmen ground into doubleplays more than any other team.  30 times.
  • Los Angeles Regulators lead  league with most infield hits 23.
  • There are 10 teams in the league that have zero pinch hits on the year.  All of them are AL teams.  The New Orleans team leads the AL in Pinchits going 8 for 16.  
  • Madison's bullpen is struggling more than any, allowing 21 inherited runners to score this season.  The next highest is 13.  Jackson's bullpen has not allowed a inherited runner to score this season.
  • Do not try to steal against-Cincinnati or Jackson.  Both teams have thrown out more than half of baserunners this season.
  • Do try to steal against Houston or Seattle as they have only thrown out 5 total baserunners combined this season.
  • Vancouver Canucks 8-1 in one run games this season!
  • What happened to:  John Rucker.  Traded from Seattle to Vancouver and now tearing it up in the AL with an ERA under 2.
  • Darryl Bonham .  Played for many teams.  Hear many times they were disapointed in his performance.  Played well in Louisville.  Signed with Albuque for over $7 mil a season.  Seeing limited playing time and no home runs this season.
  • The ten million dollar man:  Jesus Amazenga.  Tearing up the AL with an ERA under 1 in 12 innings relief.
  • 22 year old Geronimo Estrada making his major league debut against the Seattle Strikers in the PM cycle game.
  • Rule 5 draft Players selected this season- 1B Brian Hume who was acquired from Washington by Pittsburgh is tearing it up hitting .375 this season.
  •  LF Andrew Adams who was selected by Washington from Tucson is hitting .356 on the season.
  • Batting title?  Kansas City LF Andre Fleming is leading the league with a .458 batting average this season. 
  • Shoot me a trade chat if you read my posts and I will mention your team one way or the other at least once in every blog entry.  I have only heard from one coach so far.

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