Friday, April 26, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Willie Colon
Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs

Score - 51
Fastball Velocity - 70
Fastball Movement - 55
Control - 60
Command - 40
Curveball - 60
Split FB - 40
Change Up - 45
Slider - 35

Willie hits 93 to 96 MPH with his fastball, and it has good movement. The curveball will buckle knees. Both pitches are plus, but he has a hard time getting left-handed batters out and struggles some with right-handed batters. He keeps the ball in the park for the most part and may improve in the future. His ceiling is a long reliever and his floor is a AAAA player. Look for Willie in the ML in a couple of years as a long reliever.

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