Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Mikey Wells
Dover Dinklebergs

Score - 54
Hitting - 50
Power - 55
Plate Discipline - 55
Running - 75
Fielding - 50
Range - 60
Arm Strength - 40
Arm Accuracy - 45

Mikey's power is what will put him in a ML lineup. It could improve to grade out as a plus. If it doesn't, he may only become a bench player. His defense is adequate for LF with his range a plus for a LF. His future speed grades out to plus plus. He looks like he will hit 12 to 15 homers with 40+ stolen bases. His swing is long although his plate discipline is improving. Mikey's future seems to be as a bench player unless his power increases as he matures.

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