Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Vicente Palmeiro
Albuquerque Komodo Dragons

Score - 56
Hitting - 50
Power - 75
Plate Discipline - 45
Running - 70
Fielding - 65
Range - 55
Arm Strength - 40
Arm Accuracy - 50

Vincente may play in CF, but he will do so with lesser range than the top tier CFs. His power looks to be outstanding, but it might fall just short of elite status. He will hit LH pitchers well, but he will struggle significantly with RH pitchers. If he can get on base enough, he will be a terror on the base paths. If everything falls just right, look for him to be a 40/40 for several years with the potential to go 50/50 a few times.

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