Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Louie Baek
Philadelphia Moneymakers

Score - 57
Fastball Velocity - 65
Fastball Movement - 40
Control - 65
Command - 55
Curveball - 75
Slider - 55
Change Up - 45

Louie possesses a plus plus curveball which has a 6 inch break. His slider is an average pitch which works well with the curve since it breaks on a different plane. His fastball sits at 92 to 95 MPH, but it is too straight. While he has very good control over his curve and slider, his fastball misses its spots and usually is left over the plate. He keeps the ball in the yard, and generates plenty of misses with the curve. Louie has the ceiling of a ML #2 starter with the floor of a ML #5 starter. At 24, he is at an age-appropriate level. He was injured earlier this season, so we will be looking to see how he recovers. Louie may be in the majors in a couple of seasons for Philadelphia.

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