Monday, April 1, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings Pre Season

  • Houston's C Vic Diaz has all time Batting Average .341 and second on all time OBP with .454.  That's crazy insane right there!
  • Still on the FA Market-Tony Guerrero, all time leader in GIDP with 420.  Better act fast! 
  • Pine Tars Joe Dimaggio- Rochesters Tomas Carrasco, tied with longest hitting streak at 38.  Tied with 2 other retired players.
  • The all time record for pitches seen is 43,611.  I don't think that is right.   I demand a recount!
  • Vic Diaz(mentioned above) is also the all time pinch hit leader with 130.
  • Wow!  Look at the numbers on this guy:  Cyrus Torres.  The dude is an 8 time 20 game winner!  14 all star appearances and 3 Cy Young Awards.  Maybe we should rename a pitch award after him!  I had never seen that guy until now!
  • Oh forgot to mention Torres is only 10 away from all time leader in GIDP.  There's something to get excited about!
  • Which pitcher do you not want to face?  Dover's Valerio Duran.  Why?  Cuz he's #4 in plunks.
  • Phily's David Ortiz is the hardest pitcher to ever get a hit off of.  Batters are a career .206 against him.
  • The all time "Why were you ever in the majors award" goes to:  Victor Smith.  Dude played 7 seasons with a career whip of 1.79 and an ERA of 6.69 in 859 innings.
  • My shot at Casey award goes to: Albuquerque's SS Albert Chavez.  He's 5th all time on minus plays for a shortstop.  Good luck Albert, I know you can do it!

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