Saturday, April 27, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Carl Carver
St. Louis Arch Angels

Score - 55
Fastball Velocity - 70
Fastball Movement - 75
Control - 40
Command - 50
Curveball - 50
Change Up - 50
Slider - 50
Forkball - 20

Carl has four major league quality pitches with the fastball being his best. His sinker has a great break on it which allows him to get a lot of groundballs. It sits anywhere from 93 to 96 MPH and may add a tick to it in the future. His offspeed pitches work well off of the sinker, and he can throw any of them as an out pitch. The area of most concern is his control. He looks to have a 4.5/9 BB rate if his control doesn't improve. The free passes are what will keep him from being a top of the rotation guy. He may be in the majors next year. He has the ceiling of a #3 starter if his control improves with a floor of a long reliever. Currently, he looks like he might be a #5 starter for St. Louis in the future.

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