Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Marv Spiezio
Pittsburgh Ironmen

Score - 51
Fastball Velocity - 35
Fastball Movement - 75
Control - 65
Command - 50
Forkball - 55
Slider - 40
Change Up - 40

Marv hits 84 to 88 MPH with his sinker. It definitely is a below average pitch. The sinker does have plus plus movement. He keeps the ball in the park. He has trouble with right-handed batters. His control is good and should improve with repetition. The forkball looks to develop into a plus pitch. He should probably drop the slider and change up. His ceiling looks to be a #4 starter in the majors with a floor of a AAAA SP. Marv profiles to be a ML long reliever in a couple of seasons.

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