Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Emil Martin
Fargo Wood Chippers

Score - 57
Fastball Velocity - 50
Fastball Movement - 55
Control - 65
Command - 60
Slider - 55
Curveball - 20

Emil looks to have the ability to control his pitches well. With proper development, his fastball could sit around 91 to 93 MPH with some movement. The slider could be his out pitch if set up well by the fastball. The fastball and slider are both plus pitches. If he doesn't develop another off-speed pitch such as his curveball, he could be in trouble with ML hitters. He looks to have the ceiling of a #2 starter and the floor of a #5 starter. He is starting out in Low A ball, and he currently projects to be a #4 starter.

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