Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Luis Sojo
Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs

Score - 61
Hitting - 50
Power - 50
Plate Discipline - 65
Running - 70
Fielding - 65
Range - 65
Arm Strength - 60
Arm Accuracy - 65

Luis was signed earlier this season at an Internation Free Agent to the tune of $11.2M and currently is in High A Oklahoma City. He is currently playing SS but profiles defensively as a 3B/2B/CF. Don't be surprised to see him move up another level soon since he is definitely ready. His lack of power and hitting right-handed pitching will hold him back some. He could be an excellent CF/2B even with his trouble with right handers. He has the ceiling of a ML starting 3B with the floor of a ML starting 2B. We should see Luis in the majors next season.

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