Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minor League Update

Zephyr Beverlin playing for the AA Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's went 2 for 5 in his last game against the Cincinnati Firestorm with a run scored and 2 runs batted in. His OPS is .934 on the season.

Wilt Bichette also playing for AA Louisville went 0 for 1 two days ago playing against the Cincinnati Firestorm. He came in the 8th inning to PR for the normal C. Wilt has a very good bat. Too bad he can't stay on the field longer to play.

Neftali Johnson of the AA Jackson Juggernauts was 1 for 5 with 2 runs batted in during last nights game against the Washington D.C. Justices. Neftali looks to stay at DH and may make the majors in a season or two.

Benji Picasso is with the High A Jackson Juggernauts. In last nights game against the Washington D.C. Justices, he went 0 for 4 with 2 runs scored. He has the possibility of developing his glove enough to play SS in the majors. If he does, it will be a nice International Free Agent signing for only $360K.

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