Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Dwight Schneider
San Juan Pollos Hermanos

Score - 53
Fastball Velocity - 35
Fastball Movement - 60
Control - 55
Command - 55
Curveball - 55
Change Up - 60

Dwight's fastball is below ML average at 83 to 87 MPH, but it does have good movement. He has a good feel for a curveball which is developing nicely. His change up looks like it could develop into his out pitch. He could end up with 3 plus pitches. His arm slot is the same for all three which will help him get ML hitters out. He will struggle with left-handed batters. His control is improving in Low A and should be average-above average. Dwight has the ceiling of a ML closer with the floor of a ML seventh inning guy. If his control and pitches develop, look for Dwight to be on the "Chicken Brothers" ML team in a couple of seasons. Why is San Juan named the Chicken Brothers? What are the scared of? When interviewed Dwight didn't know, but he said, "I am not sure what it stands for, but as long as they pay me I am willing to pitch for them."

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