Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Brace Lamb
Houston Roughnecks

Score - 54
Fastball Velocity - 75
Fastball Movement - 55
Control - 70
Command - 40
Curveball - 60
Slider - 45
Change Up - 30

Brace has a fastball that is clocked at 95 to 99 MPH. He has average movement combined with the speed that allows him to maintain a 1.0 GB/FB ratio. He has a good feel for the curveball and is able to throw it from the same arm angle as the fastball. He will have to be a relief pitcher. While his pitches are above average, they don't have enough movement to keep hitters off balance. He leaves too many of them in the heart of the plate. His ceiling is a AAA closer with a floor of a AAA 7th inning guy.

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