Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Miguel Almanza
Jacksonville Juice

Score - 43
Fastball Velocity - 20
Fastball Movement - 20
Control - 60
Command - 50
Knuckleball - 55
Change Up - 50
Curveball - 45
Slider - 45

Miguel was signed two seasons ago to a $14.6 million bonus as an international free agent. He throws his fastball at 77 to 83 MPH and straight which even I could hit. His knuckleball is his best pitch, and he is able to control it well. He has trouble with left-handed hitters. His change up and curve ball are only average pitches at best. His ceiling is a ML long reliever with his floor as a AAA SP. If Jacksonville is desperate, look for Miguel in the majors. Otherwise, visit Jacksonville's AAA team to see him play.

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