Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Albert Simmons
Kansas City Hotsteppers

Score - 54
Hitting - 50
Power - 40
Plate Discipline - 60
Running - 65
Fielding - 65
Range - 55
Arm Strength - 40
Arm Accuracy - 55

Albert has plus speed and should steal 20+ bases a season. He may be able to stick at 2B defensively. He should make above average contact and be able to take a walk. He will struggle some against same handed pitchers. He has some gap power, but he doesn't possess the stick to hit it out of the park. If he can't stay at 2B, he will have to move to LF. His offense doesn't really support him in LF. He has the ceiling of a ML starting 2B and the floor of a ML bench player. Albert may be seen in Kansas City in two or three seasons on the bench.

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