Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Howie Osborne
New Orleans Zephyrs

Score - 63
Hitting - 45
Power - 80
Plate Discipline - 75
Running - 75
Fielding - 65
Range - 60
Arm Strength - 50
Arm Accuracy - 50

Howie is similar to Adam Dunn but with after burners. He has plus plus power which is the first 80 grade power that has been given out. He could as easily beat out a ball for a hit as hit the ball out of the park. His swing covers the middle of the plate and is long. He has a lot of miss in it. He could walk 70+ times a season, but only hit .230 with his lack of contact. Chicks dig the long ball, and Howie can definitely hit 50+ homers. He could be a 50/40 or 50/50 man in the ML. His range is average-above average which may keep him out of CF and 2B. He could easily handle LF, and his offense would support such a move. His ceiling is a ML starting 2B with a floor of a ML starting LF. Howie could get the call to the majors at any time now, but definitely look for him on New Orleans team next season.

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