Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Milt Leary
Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs

Score - 57
Fastball Velocity - 40
Fastball Movement - 70
Control - 70
Command - 55
Change Up - 55
Curveball - 50

Milt is a SP who may work better as a long reliever or set up man. His sinker has been clocked at 85 to 89 MPH in AAA, and he doesn't look like he will improve. His sinker has plus movement. His change up is an above average pitch. The curveball is only average but may have some potential to improve. He has excellent control and is able to get lefties and righties out.  The sinker helps him keep the ball in the park. He has to control his fastball and keep the same arm slot for the change up to be effective. He has the ceiling of a ML #4 starter with the floor of a ML long reliever. Oklahoma will have to make a decision on how best to use Milt. He may be in the majors next year as a #5 starter.

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