Friday, May 3, 2013

Down on the Farm...

Gil Chiba
Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs

Score - 53
Hitting - 40
Power - 65
Plate Discipline - 45
Running - 55
Fielding - 55
Range - 50
Arm Strength - 60
Arm Accuracy - 55

Gil is a LF masquerading as a 3B in High A ball. His range and glove will be able to handle LF, but he can't stay at the hot corner as he moves up. He has average speed, but he doesn't make good decisions while on base. His swing can best be described by a country saying - "He can't hit the broad side of a barn". When he does connect, he has gap and home run power. He would likely hit 20 to 25 home runs a year in the majors, but he would have a .210 average at best and his OBP wouldn't be much higher. When he hits AA, we will see if he can keep up the BA and OBP. He looks to have the ceiling of a AAA player with the floor of a AAA bench guy.

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